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Školsko povjerenstvo: 1. ... say they want to look like Victoria Beckham. (7) ... Test 7 – Complete the postcard with the correct form of the verb in brackets.




Zaporka: (pet znamenki i riječ)

Broj postignutih bodova: Razumijevanje čitanjem:


Uporaba jezika:


Ukupno bodova:

___________/60 bodova

Školsko povjerenstvo: 1.______________________________ 2.______________________________

Predsjednik Školskog povjerenstva:



______________________________ (mjesto i nadnevak)


Test 1–Reading comprehension Read the interview. Match the questions (A-I) with the texts (1-6). There are three extra questions you will not need. Put Ø next to them.

Heaven and Hell: Johnny Vaughan 1 A good supply of books and lots of sunglasses because I lose them everywhere. It would be perfect if someone invented a device to facilitate reading on the beach – once they did, I would need that in my ideal holiday package as well! 2 A short-wave radio so I can get the World Service, two beach shirts that I have taken on holiday for the past 10 years and shoes that are a bit like flip-flops. 3 When you’ve finished packing, halve whatever you’ve got in your suitcase and take out some of the shoes. If this doesn’t help and your luggage still looks like what they had on the Titanic, have a good night’s sleep and start again in the morning. 4 I never make any mistakes because I hardly take anything! You know, I’ve learned it the hard way because many years ago there were the holidays I would spend lugging a monstrously huge suitcase everywhere, and I said to myself: never again. 5 Crowds. Lots od people could be OK in your city, you know, the excitement of the hustle and bustle, and things like that, but never on a holiday. As far as I’m concerned, I would be prepared to pay twice as much and be alone. 6 One that’s too long and you start to get the feeling of wanting to go home. It’s much better if you’re not ready to go home, so that you still dream of staying just one day more, and then you are carrying that dream all the way back home. A / ___ What do you always take with you? B / ___ What was your worst experience on holiday? C / ___ What’s your biggest packing error? D / ___ What’s the best travel advice you’ve been given? E / ___ Who would be your perfect holiday companion? F / ___ What type of holiday do you hate? G / ___ What do you avoid on holidays? H / ___ What kind of holiday would you recommend to a friend? I / ___ What would you take for a perfect holiday? 6 points/Points gained ______ 2

Test 2 – First read the text very carefully, then choose from the words in the box and complete it. You will not need all the words. role look up few surprising of fashion celebrities surprised

openly copy promote

between against among

Skinny Models Banned from Catwalk   Last autumn, five models were banned from Spain's  biggest fashion show for being too thin. . .    'Our intention is to (1)_____________________________ good body image by using models whose bodies reflect healthy eating' said Concha Guerra, one of the show's organisers. This caused controversy in the fashion world. Cathy Gould of the New York's Elite modelling agency said that the (2)______________________________ industry was being used as a scapegoat* for illnesses like anorexia and bulimia. Models aren't the only skinny women who appear in magazines. There are many examples of (3)______________________________ who are too thin: Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, and Kate Bosworth (actor), to name a (4)______________________________. And this is very dangerous, not only for the celebrities themselves who are putting their health in danger, but also for the young people who (5)______________________________ to them. Eating disorder expert Dr Dee Dawson says that there are girls who (6)______________________________ say they want to look like Victoria Beckham. (7)______________________________ his patients, she is one of the top icons: she's got a handsome husband and plenty of money. It's not (8)______________________________ they associate her body shape with glamour and success. You might agree with actress Kate Hudson that how much a celebrity weighs is up to her. Or you might think that banning skinny models is discrimination (9)_____________________________ the model, as Cathy Gould claims. But the British Medical Association disagrees: in 2000 it recommended there should be heavier women on TV and in magazines as (10)______________________________ models for young women.

10 points/Points gained ______

*a scapegoat- someone who is blamed even if it is not their fault


Test 3 – Join a word or words from list A with a word or words from list B to make a well-known tourist attraction. Then write the tourist attraction in the correct sentence. An example (0) is given at the beginning. A

Big, the Sydney, the Grand, the Statue, Buckingham, the Great, the Empire


Palace, Barrier Reef, Ben, Canyon, State Building, of Liberty, Opera House

0 _Big Ben_ is right in the centre of London, near the Houses of Parliament. 1 ___________________________________ is a wonder of nature and one of the most beautiful sights in Australia. 2 ___________________________________ is in the state of Arizona and it is one of the hottest places in the world. 3 ___________________________________ is a beautiful modern building which looks like a big bird or a group of boats. 4 ___________________________________ is still one of the tallest buildings in the world but no longer the tallest. 5 ___________________________________ was given to the people of America by the people of France. 6 ___________________________________ has a red road in front of it called the Mall, so planes can land easily and get the royal family out if there is trouble. 6 points/Points gained ______ Test 4 – Word formation – Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the same line. An example (0) is given at the beginning.

Visiting Britain The (0) beauty of the country, the diversity of the attractions and the warmth


and (1)______________________________ of the people together


make Britain one of the world's most (2)______________________________


destinations. It seems incredible that Scotland's snow-capped mountains, Cornwall's (3)______________________________ beaches,


the (4)______________________________ of the village pubs of Wales


or the high-energy clubs of London are all in the same country. Whether you're (5)______________________________ 17 or 70, there


will be something for you in Britain. 5 points/Points gained ______ 4

Test 5 – Complete with a preposition. 1 Who can give me an example ____________________ an irregular verb? 2 Bruce is not very keen ____________________ sport. 3 They've been trying to find a solution ____________________ this problem for years. 4 We soon lost interest ____________________ the game. 5 Who's responsible ____________________ all this mess? 6 He lost control of the car and crashed ____________________ a tree.

6 points/Points gained ______ Test 6 – Complete with the or Ø where no article is needed. 1 The game of ________ squash originated in ________ United Kingdom. 2 Did you visit ________ Science Museum when you were in London? 3 Who was ________ girl you were talking to a few minutes ago? 4 Is ________ Mount Everest in ________ Himalayas? 6 points/Points gained ______ Test 7 – Complete the postcard with the correct form of the verb in brackets. Dear Jake Thank you for (1) _________________________ (look after) me while I was in London. I (2) _________________________ (enjoy) visiting all the famous sights. I (3) _________________________ (finish) reading the book you lent me but, if you (4) _________________________ (not need) it, I’d like (5) _________________________ (read) it again before I send it back. On the way home I (6) _________________________ (stop) to visit Helena in Paris. She asked me (7) _________________________ (give) you her best wishes. (8) _________________________ (not forget) to write!

Love Georgia 8 points/Points gained ______


Test 8 – Word order – Write the words in the correct order to make a sentence. Example: party / very / everybody / much / the / enjoyed /. Everybody enjoyed the party very much. 1 Saturday / I / you / see / the / at / night / didn’t / on / party /. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2 a / opposite / they / building / park / new / are / the / hotel /. ___________________________________________________________________________ 3 football / always / weekend / Ken / does / the / play / at /? ___________________________________________________________________________ 4 again / don’t / question / ask / that /! ___________________________________________________________________________ 5 in / since / she / been / Canada / April / has /. ____________________________________________________________________________ 5 points/Points gained______ Test 9 - Comparison - Complete the sentences. Use the comparative form of one of the words in the list. important








a lot of

Example: I like living in the countryside. It’s more peaceful than living in a town.

1 We spent _______________________________ money on Christmas presents than last year. 2 I want a ______________________________ flat. We don’t have enough space here. 3 I’d like to have a ______________________________ car. Mine keeps breaking down. 4 You look ______________________________. Have you lost weight? 5 Health and happiness are ______________________________ than money. 6 I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed ______________________________ than usual. 7 The instructions were complicated. They could have been ______________________________. 8 It’s a long walk from here to the station - ______________________________ than I thought.

8 points/Points gained______ 6

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