Student Practice Test Booklet 6 Grade Mathematics

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Student Practice Test Booklet ... Answer questions 1 through 4 on page 2. ... In the orchard there are 6 rows of Cortland apple trees and 8 rows of Macintosh ...

Student Practice Test Booklet Grade 6 Mathematics

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Mathematics—Session 1 (Non-Calculator) Answer questions 1 through 4 on page 2. ID:20349 SG6214_Pattern_Squares.ep C Common

ID:220029 A Common



Look at this pattern of squares.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Cups of Raisins


9 4 15

If the pattern continues, how many squares are needed to make Step 8?


A. B. C. D.



3 4

Trail mix


1 8

18 20 22 24

Look at this figure.

A. B. C. D.

6 ft 3 ft

3 ft

2 ft

2 ft

5 ft

5 ft

10 ft What is the area of this figure? A. B. C. D.

36 68 70 74

square square square square

feet feet feet feet

1 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1


Which recipe uses the greatest number of cups of raisins?

ID:203384 TK0085_Bedroom_Shape.eps B Common


The table below shows the cups of raisins needed in four different recipes.

cookies muffins bread trail mix

ID:203524 TK0104_Sneaker_Sales.eps C Common

r Look at this bar graph. Sneakers Sold at a Shoe Store Number of Pairs of Sneakers Sold

7 6 5 4 3 2 1 $20 $30 $40 $50 $60 Price per Pair of Sneakers

What is the median price of the sneakers sold at this shoe store? A. $30 B. $40 C. $50 D. $60

2 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1

Answer question 5 on page 2. ID:203491 Common


Joel read n books during the summer. Michael read 5 more than 3 times the number of books Joel read. Use n to write an expression for the number of books Michael read during the summer.

Answer question 6 on page 2. ID:203267 Common


In an orchard there are only Cortland apple trees and Macintosh apple trees. There are a total of 168 apple trees. • In the orchard there are 6 rows of Cortland apple trees and 8 rows of Macintosh apple trees. • Each row in the orchard contains the same number of apple trees. What is the total number of Cortland apple trees in the orchard? Show your work or explain how you know.

Answer question 7 on page 2. ID:203262 ASF6127_Parking_meter.eps Common


Look at this parking meter.



40 50 60 7 0 nutes mi




1 quarter for 20 minutes 1 dime for 8 minutes

Quarters Dimes

When the meter is at 0 minutes, what is the least amount of money Mr. Blaine will have to pay to park at the meter for 70 minutes? Show your work or explain how you know.

3 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1


Mathematics—Session 2 (Calculator) Answer questions 8 through 11 on page 3. ID:220030 FAAF03_Number_Pattern.eps C Common

ID:226295 LPW012_ShadedFraction.eps B Common



Raven wrote a number pattern on the board, as shown below.

Which model is shaded gray to represent 2 5 of the model?





The first two numbers in Raven’s pattern got erased. What were the first two numbers in Raven’s pattern? A. B. C. D.

50, 50, 38, 34,

52 42 36 36

4 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1

ID:198724 DSP55002_Color_Spinner.ep B Common

ID:220031 C Common


A pizzeria uses the equation c = 2 i t + 6 to find the cost, c, in dollars of a pizza with t toppings. How many toppings are on a pizza that costs 14 dollars? A. B. C. D.


During a class activity, Kyle spun the arrow shown below many times.

10 6 4 1





The arrow landed on blue 12 times. Which is most likely the number of times Kyle spun the arrow? A. B. C. D.

5 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1

25 50 100 400

Answer question 12 on page 3. ID:203237 Common

[email protected]

Mr. Levy needs 70 buttons to finish making the costumes for a school play. Buttons are sold in packages of 4. What is the fewest number of packages Mr. Levy needs to buy?

6 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1

Answer question 13 on page 3. ID:198707 AL607_Triangle_Dot_Grid.e Common


Sabrina drew the right triangle shown below. 1 unit 1 unit

a. What is the area of Sabrina’s triangle? Show your work or explain how you know. b. Luke wants to draw a right triangle with an area of 20 square units. He first drew the base of his triangle, as shown below. 1 unit 1 unit

What should be the height of Luke’s triangle? Show your work or explain how you know.

7 NECAP_PT-2005_Grade-6_Math_F-1

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