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Iranian Congress of Immunology and Allergy, May ٦-٩ ١٩٩٥, Shiraz-Iran. ٤. ... Clinical application" (eds:S Romagnani and A K Abbas) Raven Press ٦٨:٢٣٩-٢٥٧. ١١.


Abbas Ghaderi Professor of Immunology OFFICE ADDRESS: AA GHADERI Department of Immunology Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research Shiraz University of Medical Science Shiraz Iran PO.Box ٧١٣٤٥-١٧٩٨ FAX Direct: (٠٠)٩٨-٧١١-٢٣٣ ٤٥٨٩ TEL:٠٠٩٨-٧١١ ٢٣٠٣٦٨٧ E-mail: [email protected] Home: Tel: +٩٨-٧١١-٦٢٧٨٤٩٢ PERSONAL First name: Abbas Middle name: Ali Family name: Ghaderi Date of Birth: ٢٣٫٣٫١٩٥٩ Nationality: Iranian Marital status: married QUALIFICATIONS: ١-M.Sc. Immunology ١٩٨٧ Medical School, Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK ٢-Ph.D. Immunology ١٩٩٠ Medical school, Birmingham University, Birmingham, UK UNIVERSITY APPOINTMENT: Assistant professor of Immunology ١٩٩٠-١٩٩٣. Associate professor of Immunology ١٩٩٣-٢٠٠٠. Professor of Immunology: ٢٠٠٠-present

HOSPITAL APPOINTMENT Director of Clinical Immunology laboratory Nemazi Medical Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences SPECIAL TRAINING AND AWARDS: ١- WHO fellowship for Vaccinology and biotechnology Lauzan, Switzerlands, ١٩٩٣ ٢- Sanduz short Training award. Application of PCR for HLA-typing, West Midland Blood transfusion center, Birmingham, UK ١٩٩٥ ٣- PCR direct-sequencing applied to molecular genetics of Cancer. Kurume University School of Medicine. Kurume, Japan. ١٩٩٧-١٩٩٨ ٤- WHO fellowship for Vaccinology and biotechnology Puna, India ١٩٩٩ ٥-UICC and Norwegian cancer society joint fellowship for attendance of ١٧th Int. Cancer Congress (Oslo July٢٠٠٢) MEMBERSHIP: ١-British Society for Immunology (BSI) ٢-British Association for Cancer Research (BACR) ٣-Executive committee of Iranian Society for Immunology ADMINISTRATION: ١. Head of Department of Microbiology and Immunology. (١٩٩١-١٩٩٥). Shiraz University of Medical sciences, Shiraz Iran. ٢-Director of Shiraz Institute for Cancer Research ( ٣. Congress Secretary: The Eight Int. Congress of Geographic Medicine and the ٣rd Iranian Congress of Immunology and Allergy, May ٦-٩ ١٩٩٥, Shiraz-Iran ٤. Congress Secretary: The Ninth Int. Congress of Geographic Medicine (ONCOLOGY) May ١٢- ١٥, ١٩٩٦, Shiraz-Iran ٥- Chairman University Graduate board (٢٠٠٠-٢٠٠١) ٦-Editor-in-Chief: Iranian Journal Immunology (

TEACHING EXPERIENCES: a) Immunology to Medical students b) Advanced Immunology to postgraduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) Technical EXPERIENCES: Cellular and molecular Immunology including: Monoclonal antibodies production, Tissue culture, Protein purification and assays by different protein chemistry methods.

Molecular biology techniques including: southern blotting and PCR, sequencing. Updated in designing ELISA based assay for the screening of viral, bacterial and tumor markers.

Collaboration: Division of Oncology, University Surrey England UCLA immunogenetics Unit

Graduate Activity: Ten PhD and over ٢٥ M.Sc. students performed their projects under my supervision.

PUBLICATIONS ١. Ghaderi, A.A., Richardson, P., et. al. (١٩٨٧) Stimulation of B chronic lymphocytic leukemia populations by recombinant interleukin ٤ and other defined growth promoting agents. Leukemia, ٢:١٦٥ ١٧٠. ٢. Stanworth, D.R. and Ghaderi, A.A. (١٩٩٠) The role of high and low affinity IgE receptors in cell signaling processes. Molecular Immunology, ٢٧:١٢٩١ ١٢٩٥ ٣. Ghaderi, A.A., Jones, V.M., Stanworth, D.R. (١٩٩١) Affinity purified soluble Fc RII/CD٢٣ derived from RPMI ٨٨٦٦ cells induces histamine release from human nasal polyp mast cells through a non IgE mediated mechanism. Immunology letter, ٢٧:١١٣ ١١٨. ٤. Ghaderi, A.A. and Stanworth, D.R. (١٩٩١) Affinity purified soluble Fc RII/CD٢٣ induced a monophasic fever in rabbit. Immunology, ٧٣:٥١٠ ٥١١. ٥. Ghaderi, A.A. and D.R. Stanworth (١٩٩٣) Epitope mapping site(s) of binding of Fc RII/CD٢٣ within human IgE. Molecular Immunology, ٣٠:١٦٥٥-١٦٦٣. ٦. Ghaderi, A.A. and D.R. Stanworth. (١٩٩٣) Production and characterization of two murine monoclonal antibodies directed against epitopes exclusive to soluble fragments of Fc RII/CD٢٣. Eur. J. Immunol., ٢٣:٢٩٠٩-٢٩١٥. ٧. Ghaderi, A.A. G. Gaudernack., D.R. Stanworth. (١٩٩٤) Cross linking of a sequential epitope of HLA DR/DP molecules suppressing B lymphocytes growth and inducing homotypic cell aggregation. Immunology Letter, ٣٩:١١٣-١١٩. ٨. Ghaderi, A.A. and Z.Amirghofran. (١٩٩٣) The production of murine monoclonal antibodies directed against human T cell subsets. Med J of Is Rep Iran ٦ :٢٩١-٢٩٥. ٩. Flores Romo, L., Johnson, G.D., Ghaderi, A.A., et al. (١٩٩٠) Functional implication for the topographical relationship between class II and the low affinity IgE receptor:occupancy of CD٢٣ prevents B lymphocytes from stimulating allogenic mixed lymphocytes uresponses. Eur.J. Immunol, ٢٠:٢٤٦٣ ٢٤٦٩. ١٠. Gordon, J., Flores Romo,L., Cairns,J., Pound,J., Stanworth,DR, and Ghaderi,A.A. (١٩٩٠) Multifunctional role of CD٢٣ in the immune response. In "Cytokines:Basic Principles and Clinical application" (eds:S Romagnani and A K Abbas) Raven Press ٦٨:٢٣٩-٢٥٧. ١١. Gordon, J., Flores Romo, L.,Cairns, J., Veronesi, A., Stanworth, DR and Ghaderi, A.A. . Role of CD٢٣ in IgE regulation and beyond. In:"Advances in Prostaglandin, Thromboxan and Leukotrine Research (eds B Sameulsson et al) Raven Press Limited, New York ٢١:٩٨٣٩٨٨،١٩٩٠. ١٢. Amirghofran, Z and Ghaderi, A.A. (١٩٩٣). Determination of a ٤٥ KDa leukocyte common antigen and its unique expression on B cells developments. Iran. J. Med. Sci, ١٧:١٠٩ ١١٥.

١٣. Ghaderi, A.A., Amirghofran, Z. Tabei, SZ (١٩٩٤). CD٣٨ a multilineage glycoprotein and its unique expression on plasma cells. Med J of Is Rep Iran, ٨:١٠٩-١١٣. ١٤. Ghaderi, A.A and Amirghofran, Z (١٩٩٣) CD٥ molecules on B cells is no longer considered as an aberration of expression. Iran J. Med. Sci, ١٨:١٥٩-١٦٥. ١٥.Ghaderi, A.A,. Ghanaat, A., Hakim, SM. (١٩٩٤) Comparison of IgM rheumatoid factors (RF) in patients with Kala-azar, Tuberculosis, Toxoplasmosis and Brucellosis by an EnzymeLinked Immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Iran J. Med. Sci Vol:١٩،١٢٥-١٢٩. ١٦. Ghaderi, A.A,. Yazdanbod, H. (١٩٩٤) Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis soluble antigens in cerebrospinal fluids of (CSF) of patients with tuberculous meningitis by a capture ELISA method. Iran J Med Sci, Vol.٢٣:٤١-٤٥. ١٧. Amirghofran, Z and Ghaderi, A.A. (١٩٩٥) Identification of two different intracellular antigens of human leukocyte antigen by monoclonal antibody. Iran J. Med. Sci, ٢٠:٤٨-٥١. ١٨. Ghaderi, A.A., Habibagahi, M., Amirghfran, Z.,Ardehali, S. (١٩٩٥) Determination of a shared epitope between cells from acute myeloblastic leukemia (AML) and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Med J Islamic Rep Iran, ٩:٢٥٣-٢٥٥. ١٩. Amirghfran, Z., Ghaderi, A.A. (١٩٩٥) Characterization of a murine monoclonal antibody reactive with a leukocyte common antigen and its application for bone marrow transplantation. Transplantation Proceeding, ٢٧:٢٦٥٧-٢٦٥٨. ٢٠. Ghaderi, A.A., Doroudchi, M., Emad, M., R. Amin. (١٩٩٦) Elevation of CD٢١ and CD٢٣ positive peripheral blood mononuclear cells in children with atopic dermatitis. Eur J Dermatol, ٦:٤٢١-٢. ٢١. Ghaderi, A.A., (١٩٩٦) IgE and its Receptors, A Review. Med J of IRI, ١٠:٨٩-٩٧. ٢٢. Ghaderi, AA., Habib-Agahi, M (١٩٩٦) High frequency of Anti-HCV and HTLV.I antibodies in thalassemia major patients of southern Iran. Iran.J.Med.Sci, ٢١:٦٠-٦٢. ٢٣. Farjadian Sh, Kaviani MJ, Ghaderi AA. (١٩٩٦) Molecular Analysis of Pseudomonas aeroginosa strains isolated from hospitalized patients in Shiraz. Iran J. Med. Sci, ٢١:١١٢-١١٨. ٢٤. Saberi-Firozi M, Kafashian F, Hayati E, Ghaderi, A.A. et al. (١٩٩٨). Prevalence of Hydatosis in nomadic tribes of southern Iran. Med J IRI. vol:١٢،١١٣-١١٨. ٢٥. Amirghofran Z, and Ghaderi A. (١٩٩٧). CD٥٣ monoclonal antibody induces expression of CD٣٥ on surface of U٩٣٧ cell line. Turkish J Hematology, ١٤:٩٣-٩٦. ٢٦. Amirzargar A, Mytilineos J, Yousefipour A, Farjadian Sh, Schere S, Ghaderi A.A., Opelz G. (١٩٩٨) HLA-Class II (DRB١, DQA١ & DQB١) associated genetic susceptibility in iranian multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Eur J Immunogenetics, ٢٥:٢٩٧-٣٠١. ٢٧. Yousefi-Pour GA, Shoshtari-pour JA, Hodjati H, Ghaderi A. (١٩٩٧) Association of HLA class I antigen with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) in southern Iran. Iran J.Med Sci, ٢٢:١٤٩-١٥٠.

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